Tough But sweet

If I had to live in one dress for the rest of my life I feel that this would be the one. This tight and sassy dress is one of my favorite pieces and it does all the talking for me. A faux leather dress is definitely a staple piece and I feel that everyone should own one at some point in their life. I enjoy downplaying the accessories with this dress because although it’s black, its reflective texture keeps the whole look busy enough for me. Sometimes a simple little black dress is all that you need.


Lovers or friends 

An unfinished look could often times be a  finished look in itself. The slip dress is a wardrobe staple and is no longer suppose to be used as an undergarment! The tricky thing about buying a slip dress is finding one that fits you snug and that is not shapeless but after that the rest comes easy. The slip can be accessorized in so many ways but my favorite look consists of pairing this style of dress with a tun of jewelry! One of my favorite things to do is to cover whatever part of my body that is showing in either jewelry or perfume and that’s how I finish off an outfit. 

Bunny Babe 

Since it’s cold outside, that means that I get to dress like a dork right? We are going on night three and I’m still wearing this jumpsuit pajama from Target to bed. I wouldn’t say that this is a problem except that people are starting to point out my outfit choice now. I’ve been eyeballing this piece for the last week and finally bought the last one in my size which means that it was meant for me! I’m definitely feeling very cute and cozy but I do have one question… Is this pajama a llama or bunny? 

Everlasting Bliss 

I know that it’s starting to get colder but I’m going to try to pull off this maxi dress for as long as I can before we are compleatly submerged in rain and leaves. I love watching this dress in action; the way that it moves and flows just makes me so happy! The only thing that is frustrating is that this dress is too long on me to not wear without heels however, this is something that I deal whenever I wear a long dress. Short girl fashion problems are the worst!


This little satin maxi dress number by Kikay is inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone tonight! Isn’t it just crazy how wearing a beautiful piece can just change your entire mood? This  show stopping dress is sure to turn heads and can look so flattering on so many different people! I’m totally getting goddess meets renaissance vibes from this dress and I’m loving it. 

Get Creepy 

I’m wearing my clunky and chunky babies once again. I’m currently hoping for cooler weather so I can start creeping around in my creepers because it’s one of my favorite things to do. On another note, I think that I finally own too many Nylon magazines. I will also admit that I am a tad obsessed with my collection as well. Although nearly every issue is crumpled and has been read over one million times, I think that they’re still just as beautiful as ever. Nylon always gives me major fashion inspo and it’s my guilty pleasure so having a magazine on hand is a major must.

Nasty Gal 

Be right back, just relaxing in my natural habitat at the moment. This little mix of vegan satin and leather is giving me those rocker vibes! Nasty Gal is my go-to shop to check out before anywhere else when I’m looking for something to wear for an event. Sometimes I get into a funk and need something new; Nasty Gal never fails to always introduce new textures and patterns on their site to keep things interesting! It’s not often that I get time to thrift but browsing Nasty Gal is the next best thing to me. I’m one of those girls who likes unique things I guess you could say.