Saturday Morning

TGIS! Thank goodness it’s Saturday! It’s my first weekend off in a long time so I made it a mission to simply enjoy myself. Most good days start off with me toning my skin with SanRe Organic Skinfood’s Lemon Sparkle toner. Personally, I favor toning my skin in the morning versus washing it because I prefer a low maintenance routine. This toner completely cleanses my skin leaving nothing behind except for a subtle herbal scent. After I prep my skin I’ll read an article to get my brain moving and most recently I’ve been loving the Your Beauty Mark book. Happy Mind+Happy Skin=Overall Happiness


Rose Bath

SanRe Organic Skinfood’s Rose Cleanse is an important first step to my nighttime skincare routine. I love how this rose scented cleanser clears my skin of impurities and tones in just one step. This product is infused with aloe which is super helpful since the weather has just started to get drier. I just remember going in my garden as a kid, picking an aloe leaf and rubbing its contents all over my skin because I loved how fresh it made my skin feel; using this product brings me back to those carefree days. I know that if I want to wake up with a glow and not wear makeup the next day, I have to prep my skin with this wash the night before. Since it is packed with so many stunning ingredients, I know that this wash is working overtime even after I rinse it off. #Feelin’Beautiful

Healthy hair 

When I was younger I used to do so many bad things to my hair. I’ve watched my hair fall out, sizzle off and die. After all of this hair drama, I decided that I wanted to have healthy hair again but I wasn’t willing to compromise my cute color or hair styling regime. What I ended up doing that helped me grow my hair back healthily was to cut down on processing it. Now I dye my hair once a month and style it with heat once or twice a week. Sometimes I have bad hair days but atleast I don’t have horrible hair quality. I didn’t need magic butter or paste, just self control. 

Fresh Hair 

I’m so happy with my NEW hair color! I mean, the color isn’t new but the way I applied it is new so that makes it “new” right? Whatever you want it call it I’m just so happy to have my bright cherry red hair back! This bright color is nearly impossible to maintain in the summertime because it always tends to fade faster. It was fun to have a more neutral toned hair toned with orange for some extra sas but my color is finally back right where it is suppose to be and I’m so excited! 

Pet Lovers 

I just want to take a moment to thank Kat Von D Beauty for allowing me to participate in such an amazing giveaway that supported a good cause. I’m proud to say that through participating in Kat Von D Beauty’s giveaway, they donated $1 to the Houston SPCA to aid in the rescue of pets who were left helpless by Huricane Harvey. I really hope that Kat Von D Beauty continues to do giveaways like this that give to a greater cause because when we work together, we are making such a difference. These two little fur babies in my entry picture are Athena and Ares; you can tell that they know a good KVD lipstick when they see one however I didn’t just adopt them because they had great taste in makeup but because we needed eachother. 

How I dye my hair 

So many people ask me how I dye my hair so I made a video to explain how I keep my roots refreshed! I pick up a couple boxes of AGEbeautiful by Zoto Professional in the color 6RR from Sally Beauty and a bottle of 30 volume developer to touch up my roots. Whenever I’m dying my hair a deeper red all over, I just use the same dye but with a 5 volume developer and comb the color through my ends! I know that this sounds super easy and I promise you that it is. Check out my video to watch the process! 

Clairol Flare Me 

You can never go wrong with a neutral hair color but sometimes I want my hair to scream! Clairol had sent me their colors, Rose To The Occasion and Turn Their Heads Red from their new FLARE Me collection so I thought that I’d try out their new line. I had dyed my roots using AGE Beautiful 6RR by Zotos as always and just applied the new Clairol colors in chunky piecestowards the ends my hair and this is the result! The color applied easily and came out so bright so I’m impressed already but only time will tell how long this color will last. #BrightHairChallenge