Volcom-What’s your “this”?

I decided to try my luck in a Volcom competition while wearing my Volcom dress! We’ll see what happens. The following text is my entry from Instagram: 

My “this” includes being able to be my own boss as an online social influencer. Ever since I was younger, I was told that I was too much or too little of “this” or “that” to do anything in life and eventually I was bullied into isolation. An overarching theme in comments that bullies made had to do with negative remarks regarding my image. As I had grown older I had learned to reject these ideas and set out to start modeling for my own fashion and beauty blog. My passion truly had always been to share fashion looks with the world along with spreading the message of self acceptance. Being an online personality doesn’t pay the bills right now but I love doing it; it is something that makes me the happiest. If I were able to put blog first, I would continue to create more consistent content and spread a greater awareness for self love.


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