Shag Beauty Bar 

For the last few years, I’ve often found myself struggling between juggling hair dye instruction manuals and coloring my own hair in my bathroom at home. I was simply a few more red hair dye stains away from being kicked out of the house but the risk always seemed worth it. I had finally decided that I was due for some change and wasn’t going to make the mistake of attempting to lighten my own hair at home so I knew that I needed help from an expert. Eventually, I came across Shag Beauty Bar, a beautiful full-service hair salon in my area. Making my appointment was super easy and as soon as I had arrived I was encouraged to relax and make myself at home. All that I had to do was show my stylist Heather at Shag Beauty Bar a few photos of hair similar to a look that I had wanted and soon after she was on her way to creating my dream hair! My hair definitely looked more amazing and felt healthier than before I had gone in because my stylist cared about the integrity of my hair as well as making sure that I was happy with the results that I was getting. The overall friendly environment and pleasant experience at this salon will definitely have me coming back for another visit in the future! Thank you Shag Beauty Bar for making me look like my best self!



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