Sophia’s  Magic  

I think that it’s well known that I’m a lover of perfumes and just about anything that carries an impactful scent that brings me closer to heaven. SanRe Organic Skinfood has created an aromatherapy roll-on scent called Sophia’s Magic that I’ve recently been using as religiously as I drink my tea every morning. Sophia’s Magic was named after a special girl close to the SanRe family who embodied the limitless potential and passion of life, hence the magical and limitless powers of this roll-on itself. Carefully crafted with organically derived ingredients that include jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, and jojoba oil, this potent little mix is sure to lift its user’s spirits. What I first notice when I apply this roll-on is its sensuous floral fragrance and how it just melts into my skin leaving me feeling overall less stressed, and more balanced. I discovered that Sophia’s Magic is a great treatment that helps me keep on track throughout the day and it’s beautiful scent keeps me coming back for more. Hey, the word ‘magic’ is in its name for a reason.


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