Spring Skincare Routine 

With the turning of a new season means the coming of a new skincare routine. To start every day off right, the first thing that I do is scrub my face! At the moment, I’ve been using Schaf’s Purifying Scrub which is perfect for me because it’s gentle enough for daily use. I truly believe in the benefits of completely clearing the skin of impurities as the first step of my beauty routine every day because nothing beats the power of a fresh face in the morning. The super amazing thing about this scrub too is that it uses biodegradable lava and bamboo-derived beads to exfoliate the skin rather than using microbeads. When you find a skincare product that works for you and is good for the environment it’s simply a match made in heaven. Secondly, I’ve been moisturizing every night in an attempt to still recover from that winter skin with Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth. In addition, I’ve been using Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist to set my makeup and keep my skin dewy while adding nutrients. I found this little trio to be my most used products so far this season within my daily routine so I thought I’d share.


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