Sick Spa Day 

This week I’ve been hit with the grossest cough and sore throat that I’ve had in years. The world may never know where or how I got this disgusting sickness but one thing I do know now though is that I’m in need of a spa day. A day filled with relaxation to rest my throbbing head, wet cough, and swollen sinuses. Schaf helps you look good, feel good, and actually see results! Their goal is to refresh your tired skin and to protect it from future damage. When a product is free from everything nasty and is loaded with the good stuff, that’s when you know that it will work! Schaf helped me wipe the sick right off of my face; I’ve tried about a million different skincare products in the past and I’ve seen very few that actually completely transformed my skin over a short period of time. Thank you for helping me get through even the worst of days Schaf.


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