Natural Beauty

Natural beauty comes from within and radiates outward from each and everyone of us. Unless you love pampering yourself for fun everyday, embrace your natural beauty because it is unique to you. Always remember that harsh chemicals are not necessarily the secret to getting “the look.” With tuns of dedicated natural beauty lines out there today there are an abundance of options. 
Pacifica’s 7 Free Nail Colors are missing 7 most toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polishes. In my trio set I recieved London Tomboy, Wonderland, and Luxe Interior. All of these cute polishes are 100% vegan as well as cruelty free. Currently I’ve been obsessed with their green blue shade London Tomboy because it’s just dark enough for Fall but has that green hue that compliments my red locks. Oh how I think I’m in love! 

Pixi by Petra is another one of my favorite all natural cosmetic companies and has been for years! This season they put together kits filled with best selling products and colors that we all adore. I can never get enough of their shimmers and sparked especially since it’s difficult for me to find natural makeup that shows up and packs a punch but Pixi always delivers. 

As you may or may not tell I’m in makeup heaven right now and it’s safe to bet that I’m swatching everything this very moment cozzied up next to my vanilla candle and heated blanket. With the cool season coming near I want to wish you all a happy Holliday and say to stay safe as well as gorgeous! XOXO 


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