PUR Transformation Palette 

I definitely let the Transformation palette by PUR transform my everyday makeup routine! This cutie is now my carry around eye and cheek color set. This palette includes five eye shadow shades (Original, Alter, Re-work, Metamorphosis, and Bleeding Edge) and two cheek shades (Tailor Made (Bronzer) and Brand New (Blush)).

After opening this palette I was just blown away by the colors at first glance. Their rich and universal shades are sure to be some of my favorites! I love my warm toned colors! Unfortunately, being an eyeshadow palette hoarder, I had a similar color to just about every one of these in this palette already opened. While not wanting to taint these gorgeous colors, I couldn’t help myself and just had to swipe my finger across at least one of these colors… JUST ONE SWATCH!  Let me tell you, I have proven wrong that these shadows were even similar to any other that had I owned! These putty-to-powder shadows made with Moroccan lava clay are such a treat to play with! The “transformation” part of this palette is that these pigments are meant to improve your skin with every use! I’d definitely recommend this palette to any sunshine lovin’ babe out there just like me.


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