Saturday Goodies


PUR Cosmetics “Love Your Selfie 2” box inspired me to show you a few things that I do for myself that make me happy. Love Your Selfie 2 is a box I prefer to go to because of how natural and fun the colors are in this box set. There are the perfect amount of deep and bright shades to create endless amounts of night and day looks. I am a huge collector of makeup but sometimes my entire collection can be a bit overwhelming. It’s so helpful to be able to turn to this box and know that whatever I create with these pieces will be an uplifting piece of art.

Another thing I enjoy to do when I’m feeling down is to wear a special jewelry piece, cutesy lingerie or add a little something to my makeup look that speaks to me in that exact moment. It’s like my own happy little secret I share with myself. I want to incorporate a little something meaningful to me because I’ll appreciate it and I know it will lift my spirit having my favorite article with me. Layering this matching printed Stonemen bra and brief pair under any outfit is enough to make me smile.


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